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I had palpitations and bad headaches plus stomach problems. I was not feeling good at all. I felt a closed in feeling. I felt faint most of the time. Now, I am feeling so much improved. I am more like my old self again. H.M.

I was overweight and had serious heartburn, stomach distress, with low energy. (This) has completely dealt with the heartburn. I have lost weight and feel much better. L.B.

I felt terrible. No energy. Just basically not well. It had been that way for many years so that was all I knew. I now feel better than when I was a teenager. I have more stamina, energy, and a feeling of well-being. I actually feel healthy! S.S.

I had sweet cravings and low blood sugar dips, and suffered from seasonal depression. The cravings are gone and now I'm able to balance my energy levels all year round. I also had cold hands and feet, finally they're warm. H.G.

I have much more energy, weight loss, more confidence, and feel better overall. I am anxious for the bimonthly appointments and I do not mind knowing what else can be found wrong with me, because I know it will be taken care of. M.D.

I suffer from Crohn's Disease, and since (this) my cholesterol vs. triglycerides have been reversed, I have the ability to eat salads without the fear of doubling over or spending hours in discomfort, and I realized I was eating too many carbs vs. protein. C.

(This) has helped me to address nutritional issues at this stage of my life as well as certain health issues of concern such as migraine headaches, stress, cholesterol, and weight concerns, as well as general health improvement. M.G.

My hot flashes have been taken care of, I have lost weight, which I did not even come for. The very painful bursitis in my shoulder has also been taken care of. Most of the pain I have suffered in the past has been resolved through the thyroid supplements. G.C.

I suffered from migraines all of my life. I took a lot of medicine for my headaches. I have been coming for 3 weeks now. Taking the supplements and changing my eating habits and I haven't taken any medicine for my headaches for 3 weeks now. M.C.

I've lost weight and I have no digestive problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down. M.M.

My moods were getting worse and worse right before my cycle. My patience was short and my temper blunt. Now, well let's see. Each month there is less moodiness. I feel better about my appearance. I feel more active and more social. K.F.

Improvements I have noticed: skin, hair, complexion, anxiety-level, self-assurance, improved digestive system, increased energy, overall health, better eating habits, and better health awareness. N.M.

I have noticed a positive change in my stomach problems, including less gas, I feel better, and I am no longer on my acid reflux medications. K.M.

I had chronic fatigue. Now I have more energy. I have lost 20 pounds, and I do not have to take as many pain medications. D.K.

I have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of "bad foods". I have lost 12 pounds since I started, and my indigestion concerns are much improved. S.G.

I was tired, I ached all over, and carried extra pounds. After two months, my energy has increased, I am losing weight and my overall outlook on myself has improved, and my stamina is much better than it was in the beginning. S.M.

I was certain that the next time I visited my family doctor she would put me on cholesterol medication. Well, to my amazement, after my blood work was within range that I didn't need to take the medication. I was determined not to go the standard way of taking a pill that would have twice as many side effects. S.M.

(This) has made me more aware of the lack of nutrition I have been eating, and getting me back on track with wholesome food and how satisfied you feel when you eat that way. It has also helped to change my mind set on fats, something I always watched. L.S.



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