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We Can Successfully Help Many Health Issues

Allergies / Asthma

Anxiety / Depression

Autoimmune Conditions

Blood Pressure 

Blood Sugar


Chronic Ear Infections 


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Illness

Cold & Flu




Colitis / IBS

Digestive Issues


Headaches / Migraines

Memory / Focus

Pain & Inflammation

PMS / Irregular Cycles

Peri-Menopause/Hot Flashes

Pre-Conception & Infertility

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Thyroid Symptoms

Skin Issues/Acne/Rosacea


Sleep Issues / Insomnia


Stress Overload

Sweet/Salt Cravings

Weight Loss

Improve Your Health
Simple and Effective

Our mission is to help clients with seemingly unsolvable health concerns.  We specialize in unlocking the mystery of what's making you feel the way you do. We then create a personal clinical program designed to improve your health naturally. 

Your personalized health improvement program will help you heal from the inside out, enhance your energy level, and most importantly, help you to feel better.

Our powerful combination of high-quality nutritional supplementation and a real food diet is clinically proven to restore health, even when other methods have failed.

If you have not been able to handle your health with medical treatment, or cannot find a cause for your ongoing health concerns, clinical nutrition is the answer you are looking for.      Our clients say nothing else helps them more.

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a way to analyze your case to determine your current health needs. Your body's needs are prioritized as we design a program to give you what you need to rebuild from the inside out and restore health naturally.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Your designed clinical program is where healing begins.

We use the correct clinical nutrition to handle your case. You can improve your health and resolve your long-standing health issues -- even the ones that are difficult to handle. 

Hidden Stresses
Hidden Food Sensitivities

Our goal is to help your body detox from hidden underlying causes of poor health so it can heal naturally. 

Commonly, we find one or more stresses affecting you such as environmental toxins or an immune system challenge. Helping your body to gently eliminate these stresses is the first step of natural healing. 

Our goal is to help you identify foods that you may be sensitive to and may be contributing to your health issues. 


You will be most successful when making small but consistent changes.  We help you design simple changes that work to improve your health both now and into the future.

Effective Changes

Eating healthy is an important step in your journey to wellness. We focus on identifying and reducing the foods you are sensitive to or may be causing inflammation which further contributes to your ongoing health issues. 

Keys to Success

The secret to the great results we get is the high-quality nutritional supplements used in your clinical program. 

Our whole food and herbal formulas are genuine replacement parts for the body, healing where you need it most.


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Seattle, WA 98107

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